Product Papers


Product types vary from brochures, leaflets, application reports and success stories to data sheets, white papers, fact sheets and much more. Despite variations, they are all touchpoints that are used at different stages on the customer journey. It has been proven useful and effective to provide the prospective customer with a selection of high-quality and appealing personalized documents to help reinforce communication, strengthen a convincing argument and ultimately aid in customer decision making. Long after the purchase is made, the customer will remember the care taken to engage them through the process and is more likely to return to you for that superior level of service.


The content that forms the basis for the creation of touchpoints is often housed in different departments throughout a company. Unfortunately, data silos have formed in many organizations making it unnecessarily difficult to consolidate the data and close to impossible to create truly interlinked and logically structured information and documentation packages for customers and interested parties. The result is a hodgepodge of disconnected touchpoints, partly based on old data and lacking a clear company message that falls painfully short of engaging the recipient.


The product isn’t all a consumer buys from a company, he buys an experience, a good story and the emotion behind it. This is exactly what the product documentation should reflect, the staged product that’s the “main actor” in stories and presents itself in all its applications. If product documents are created with target group specifics in mind, they prove to be a powerful tool for lead generation and sales conversion.

However, like other touchpoints, realizing maximum benefit from these documents requires an extensive knowledge of your target group, their wishes, individual level of knowledge, interests, language, markets, context, and other factors. With increased personalization and customization, you can quickly and automatically create product documents that inspire your customers.

One Solution for all print touchpoints

Our Customers use the priint:suite to create an endless selection of print media like catalogs, leaflets self-mailers, datasheets and much more.

The priint:suite enables them to integrate the most diverse data sources (e.g. ERP, PIM, MDM, DAM, CRM, CMS Web-Shops or MRM systems), making their information usable for marketing and print touchpoints. The same data that fuels the digital channels can be seamlessly utilized in the print channel with the click of a button. This ensures a consistent customer experience across all communications channels. The modularity and scalability of the priint:suite makes it possible to successfully automate print process and customer touchpoints created by any department within the company and methodically integrate them into the digital communication strategy.

  • Supports lead generation
  • Automatically created, personalized documents for all target groups
  • Individual compilation of product documentation

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More than 30 print relevant touchpoints help to make multi-channel communication more effective, so perfect customer journeys can be orchestrated. The priint:suite, with its powerful components, helps you create print touchpoints quickly and easily based on existing data sources in your company. Filter touchpoints and discover how priint:suite can help you put this into practice.