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priint Introduces the “Table Building Module for Adobe Illustrator”

priint Introduces the “Table Building Module for Adobe Illustrator”

October 26, 2021 -  As part of Adobe® MAX virtual event, priint Group is pleased to announce the newest addition to our lineup of the most advanced plug-ins available for several apps in Adobe Creative Cloud®. With the release of the priint Table Building Module for Adobe Illustrator®, priint continues to deliver market leading capabilities that dramatically reduce the creative lifecycle for producing data driven and structured Adobe Illustrator® Files. Creating tables of data can be extremely time-consuming for creatives, adding further lead time for key deliverables such as packaging, labeling, and other product and marketing publications that are essential to modern business. Our solution is the first real table building wizard for Illustrator.

The priint Table Building Module for Adobe Illustrator allows creative professionals to spend more time being creative and less time doing mundane and manual layout tasks. With only a few clicks, a table can be defined and laid out as part of any kind of Illustrator file potentially saving significant work effort and dramatically reducing delivery time.


Key Features:

  • Automatically create real tables including text frames
  • Automatically convert graphic & text frames without rebuilding the table
  • Direct placement of image elements in tables
  • Direct work with frame, cell and column contours
  • Easy scaling of tables using the specially created tool
  • Automatic adaptation of cell contents when changing table geometry
  • Simple joining of cells
  • Full control over table appearance as well as table and cell formats

“We are very excited to introduce this module to the market. Throughout the development and beta release of the module, users have been very impressed with the time savings and productivity gains that come from using it.” said priint Group Founder and CEO Horst Huber. “This out of the box plugin greatly simplifies what were cumbersome and tedious processes and turns them into simple wizard-based configurations. When combined with our Illustrator plugin or our Enterprise priint:suite platform, this module builds on our sole focus to allow ‘Creatives to spend time Creating’ and not on repetitive time consuming tasks! Whether it’s labels, packaging, technical drawings or any other data driven Illustrator based document, priint can help create and layout publications and any needed variants or elements of personalization up to 80% more efficiently!”

“Adobe Creative Cloud gives users the world’s best creative apps and services so they can bring their ideas to life,” said Mike Zahorik, senior business development manager, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign at Adobe.priint has been at the forefront of leading edge extensions for InDesign and Illustrator for many years. And now with the company’s latest plugin extension for Illustrator, print continues to make life easier and work more productive for organizations that rely on Adobe Illustrator to produce mission-critical product and marketing materials.”

About Adobe MAX

Adobe MAX (October 26-28, 2021) is a free, virtual and global creativity conference designed to refuel creative passions, inspire, educate, entertain, and foster relationships across the global creative community. Featuring more than 400 sessions, keynotes, technology sneaks and workshops from creative luminaries, inspiring celebrities, musicians and like-minded peers, Adobe MAX offers endless opportunities for seasoned creative pros, students, and hobbyists to take their creative skills to the next level. Notable speakers and presenters featured throughout the conference this year include: Chloe Zhao, Kenan Thompson, Henry Golding, Tilda Swinton, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Casey Neistat, Young Thug and rock band Imagine Dragons, among others.


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