The 4ALLPORTAL is a software platform for the efficient management of product information and the associated media and documents. The PIM and DAM software can be used to centrally organize, maintain, share and search all data, be it information or files relating to a product, and play it out in various channels. It also offers the opportunity to make workflows in the company more efficient, digital and automated.

The 4ALLPORTAL can be adapted and scaled at any time as requirements increase. The software is also able to generate new information from existing data. One example of this would be the automated determination of a Nutri-Score from the previously entered product information.

4ALLPORTAL and the priint:suite can be seamlessly integrated, for example to obtain all important information for automated catalog creation from 4ALLPORTAL. Experts from both solutions work closely together for joint customers such as bofrost*.

With Digital Asset Management (DAM), a wide variety of files (so-called assets) such as images, videos, PDFs, InDesign or Office documents from various sources can be easily managed, maintained, searched for and found in a central system. As a collaboration tool, the DAM also offers the option of setting up efficient workflows and collaborating with other colleagues, teams or external partners.

With the Product Information Management (PIM) module, companies can refine and qualify their product information: Product data can be easily enriched with supplementary photos, videos, supplier data and texts in a central location. In addition, product information from different sources can be delivered automatically and media-neutrally to various output channels.

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  • DAM and PIM in one solution
  • Centrality of data management
  • Single source of truth for all digital assets
  • Over 18 years of development know-how
  • Unlimited number of users & strong performance
  • Strong performance


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