The 4ALLPORTAL is a software solution that manages media and product data management. The system is used to organize, maintain, share, and search for media and image data as well as product information in a central database in order to distribute them to different channels. It also simplifies the creation of workflows in companies which allows them to be more efficient, more digital and more automated. It currently includes the modules Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM) and Brand Shop.

Digital Asset Management (DAM) allows users to easily manage, maintain and search for a wide variety of files (called assets) such as videos, PDFs, photos, InDesign or Office documents from a central database. As a collaboration tool, the DAM also offers a simple way to set up workflows for working together with other colleagues, teams or external partners.

The Product Information Management (PIM) module allows companies to refine and qualify their product information. Product data can easily be enriched with additional photos, videos, supplier data and texts in a central location. In addition, with the PIM, product information from different sources can be automatically delivered to different output channels in a media-neutral manner.

  • DAM and PIM in one solution
  • Centrality of data management
  • Single source of truth for all digital assets
  • Over 18 years of development know-how
  • Unlimited number of users & strong performance
  • Strong performance


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