PIM is fun like tidying up rooms?!

“You can’t play with your friends again until your room’s tidied up.”

Many of us can still remember feeling like being under house arrest as a punishment as this gentle parental pressure was applied. Cleaning up rooms was definitely no fun. The longer you put it off, the harder it got. Nevertheless, we always found reasons why it was inappropriate or even impossible to clean the room at that particular time but this was always coupled with a certain renunciation. If it could not be avoided at all, it was often “superficially” tidied up, uncomfortable things simply packed away in boxes.

Only after years of a protracted learning process did we realize that keeping order has its advantages. And even today we fall back into the old pattern.

In our experience, this situation is transferable to MDM and PIM projects. The processing of master data and product data within a PIM project is tedious, time-consuming and can only be done under pressure. It is simply not much fun to take care of the perfect data set during the working days. Even if this is a basic prerequisite for a customer experience and efficient output in the most diverse channels and touchpoints.

That’s why I think it is important to integrate PIM and MDM into the customer experience strategy. The customer experience with perfect data and a digital print strategy is always fun.