Product data as a brand ambassador: strategies for a consistent brand experience in e-commerce

The value of a brand is defined by its strength. A high-quality product presentation tailored to customer needs across all sales channels creates trust among end customers. This consistent brand experience requires correct, complete and brand-compliant product information. This strengthens the brand image and financial success. In his presentation, Sebastian Klumpp explains how product communication has changed and what is important today to turn product data into brand ambassadors. Using specific use cases, he will show what needs to be taken into account in the dynamics of campaigns and how digital shelf analytics helps to strategically monitor product presentation and optimize it in a data-driven way.


Sebastian Klumpp is CEO of XPLN, the premium provider of comprehensive software solutions for digital shelf analytics and dynamic pricing. He is familiar with the challenges faced by manufacturers and retailers in e-commerce and helps well-known companies such as Gardena and Lloyd to make confident decisions and maximize their performance. Sebastian himself is a pioneer in online and multichannel retail and digital shelf analytics. He founded his own B2B platform for the hairdressing trade and was head of product data and channel management at the Klingel Group for many years. As a speaker at events and as a podcast guest, Sebastian uses specific use cases to illustrate where sales are lost in e-commerce and how the use of automation and AI can solve problems and unlock new potential. 

Sebastian Klumpp