Adobe® Illustrator® で、テーブルを簡単に生成および変更出来ます


顧客やパートナーとの話し合いの中で、外部ソースからのデータの自動入力および更新とともに、プロジェクトの中心的な取り組みの推進力の1つであることが証明されています。新しいプラグインを使用して、この問題を解決しましょう。 priint:comet AI plug-inを使用してテーブルを簡単に作成しましょう。


AdobeのCreativeCloudツールの大きな強みの1つは、その拡張性です。現在、Illustratorは、表形式の表現の作成、編集、またはデザインを必要とする多くのアプリケーションで使用されています。 priint:illustratorテーブルプラグインを使用すると、今日では非常に困難なIllustratorでのみ可能である多くのアクションに対して、特に高いレベルの操作性を実現できます。これは、プラグインに付属している独自のツールによって可能になります。


  • テキストフレームを含む実際のテーブルを自動的に作成する
  • テーブルを再構築せずにグラフィックおよびテキストフレームを自動的に変換する
  • テーブル内の画像要素を直接配置する
  • フレーム、セル、列の輪郭を直接操作 
  • 独自ツールを使用したテーブルの簡単なスケーリング
  • テーブルの形状を変更する際にセル内コンテンツの自動適応
  • セルの簡単な結合
  • テーブルの外観とテーブルおよびセルの形式を完全に制御






What version of Adobe® Illustrator® do I need?

The Plug-In can be run with Adobe® Illustrator® 2020 and 2021. We usually always support the latest two versions of Illustrator.

Can I run this on Windows/Mac?

The Plug-In can be used with either Windows or Mac, there are separate Package for each one.

What other technical specs are required?

You just need to be able to run Adobe® Illustrator®.

How do I install and run the table module?

A Quick Guide about Installation is included in the Download.

Is it possible to install the plug-in on multiple computers?

Yes, you can install the Beta on as many computers as you like.


How can I import Excel/csv data?

This is not possible.

Can I link data/spreadsheets?

No, it is not possible.

Can I copy/paste multiple cells into the Illustrator table?

No this is not possible.

Can I copy/paste delineated data into the Illustrator table?

No, it is not possible.

Can I convert a text frame with text into a table?

No, this is not possible.


Where are my tools?

Tools may be hidden if the toolbar is in "Basic" mode. Click ellipsis, and then flyout menu to change to advanced mode.

Why can I not select tools from the toolbar? / Why does it keep beeping at me?

A table must first be selected.

Where are my new panels?

All panels are underneath Window- priint:comet

What else has been added to Illustrator®?

We have added the tools, panels and some menu entries at Object - priint:comet - Tables.


How do I make a new table?

Have a look at our instructions here.

How to I change the number of rows on my table?

Please have a look at our documentation here.

How do I insert/delete a new row before/after?

Select a cell and click Object - priint:comet - Tables - Insert.

How do I resize my table?

Have a look at our documentation here.

How do I adjust column/row width?

Please have a look at our documentation here.

How do I select one or multiple cells?

Have a look at our instruction here.

How do I add content to a cell?

Please have a look at our documentation here.

Can I move entire rows & columns (as in Adobe® InDesign®)?

No, that is not possible.

Why can't I divide my cell?

Only cells that have been merged can be divided.

テーブル スタイリング

What does the Italic text in the panels mean?

Italicized words in the panel indicates that there are overrides present on that attribute. Right click the name for the option to clear.

How do I set my stroke to 0? / Why can't I set my stroke to 0?

We adapted the functionality from Adobe® InDesign® - Set the stroke to "no color" instead.

Can I assign a paragraph style to the cell/table style?

No, that is not possible.

Can I export/import tables/cell styles?

No, that is not possible.

Can I add a title or heading to my table?

You can use header rows and merge them.

How do I set my cells to a specific height/width?

Currently, only possible through scripting right now. Have a look at our article here.

How do I control the padding/inset in a cell?

Either through cell styles or the ‘Cell Setup’ dialog where the inset can be configured for text and graphic cells separately.

How do I vertically center the content in a cell?

Select the text frame, look for area type options (in control bar and probably other places. Mac: object/area type options)

Can I download premade styles?

No, that is not possible.

Can I set table strokes to "no fill" but still have them "on"? (Use Case: A large colored object behind, want to show through)

You should be able to set stroke opacity to 0 but still have stroke weight > 0

Can I customize my stroke style?

No, that isn't possible.


Can someone edit my table if they don't have the plug-in?

All the elements are native Illustrator objects and act like that without the plug-in.

Once someone edits the table manually most likely all our tools will cease to function as they heavily rely on the document structure, positioning etc…

Does undo/redo work as expected?

Basically it works already, but there are still some bugs to be fixed. If you have one, please send the bug as detailed as possible described and if necessary with screenshot to

Can I automate table generation?

Currently, it is only possible with cScript. Have a look at our documentation for more detailed information here.

How do I report licensing issues, support, feature requests, or bugs?

For all these questions just send a mail to
Please be as detailed as possible and send screenshots if necessary. Our international team will be happy to help you.

Who exactly is priint Group / Werk II? What other plug-ins are there?

The priint Group / Werk II is a software company in the field of print and publishing automation. For more details about us, have a look here.

We have different offers and also priint:comet plug-ins. For a first overview you are welcome to read more. Otherwise, feel free to contact us at for a first meeting.