In order to advertise new products or special offers in a way that is tailored to the target group, the leaflet is still the medium of choice. Especially in the field of trade advertising the motto is: "be quick, it's worth it".

Compared to the digital media, the leaflet has significant advantages: In the mailbox on time, in the store, or in the daily newspaper, it is ideally suited to present new products as well as the core or promotional range to the consumer in a fast, attention-grabbing and appealing way. Once placed on the living room table, it lingers there for some time, can be leafed through, and, if necessary, taken with personal notes to the next purchase.

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Online trade is booming uninterruptedly, prompting commercial enterprises to increasingly invest in search engine marketing and social media outreach. Nevertheless, the prospectus has its firm place in the communication mix of the trade.

Disposition, assortment considerations, product planning, a missing interlocking of processes etc. often require far too much time in practice, a quick reaction is hardly possible.


Reacting quickly to competition, market changes or customer wishes is the most decisive factor for success in the retail sector and can only be achieved through hyper-automation. This means that, in the future, not only does the publishing process of a brochure need to be automated, but the entire process. Starting with product planning using intelligent, pre-defined rules that are also capable of learning. Algorithms recognize where the user may have manually intervened and can redefine rules. Manual campaign planning will ultimately give way to a hyper-automation concept.

One Solution for all print touchpoints

Our Customers use the priint:suite to create an endless selection of print media like catalogs, leaflets self-mailers, datasheets and much more.

The priint:suite enables them to integrate the most diverse data sources (e.g. ERP, PIM, MDM, DAM, CRM, CMS Web-Shops or MRM systems), making their information usable for marketing and print touchpoints. The same data that fuels the digital channels can be seamlessly utilized in the print channel with the click of a button. This ensures a consistent customer experience across all communications channels. The modularity and scalability of the priint:suite makes it possible to successfully automate print process and customer touchpoints created by any department within the company and methodically integrate them into the digital communication strategy.

  • Significant reduction in the production period
  • Hyper automation through intelligent rules
  • Rule-based planning process
  • Missing content is triggered via the workflow system
  • Intelligent algorithms


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More than 30 print relevant touchpoints help to make multi-channel communication more effective, so perfect customer journeys can be orchestrated. The priint:suite, with its powerful components, helps you create print touchpoints quickly and easily based on existing data sources in your company. Filter touchpoints and discover how priint:suite can help you put this into practice.