Installation Instructions


Installation instructions are very important for properly connecting and commissioning a product. Accurate and specific instructions, when completely followed, are the only way to ensure correct installation and error-free usage. Conversely, incomplete or inaccurate instructions that lead to incorrect installation could have catastrophic or even fatal consequences.

For this reason, when creating an operating manual, assembly or installation instructions (B2B or B2C), it is imperative, especially in the case of technical product instructions, to explain them in a thorough and easily understandable manner.

Using diagrams or detailed instructions, the individual steps are explained, possible hazards are highlighted, and installation and assembly tips & tricks are provided.


Unfortunately, installation instructions are treated as an afterthought and positioned in forgettable places on the product packaging or hidden away, in small type, in a booklet with multiple language versions of the same instructions. This confounding and often-times sloppy presentation of vital information leads to confusion and frustration by even the most astute customer eager to properly assemble and commission the product.

Despite the joy that accompanied the delivery of the product, this unattractive publication is now causing irritation and a level of displeasure. Even after successful installation, the buyer will remember the unpleasant part of the experience which, in a digital world where everything is reviewed and rated, will not only make future after-sales activities more difficult with this customer but could lead to bad reviews that hinder purchase of the product by prospects who evaluate customer reviews as part of their final purchase decision.


Especially for industrial companies, the digital transformation requires a direct connection to the end user. Useful instructions that are easy to interpret and contribute to overall positive perceptions are featured with attractive layout, a clear structure of technical information, a target language and a target group-oriented approach.

Since manufacturers of technical products have all product information available in a database-supported manner, it is now essential, yet relatively easy with the right technology, to offer customers or dealers instructions that are tailored to their needs. The use of web-to-print platforms allows target groups to compile individualized, need-specific and on-demand product information.

One Solution for all print touchpoints

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  • On-demand generation for customers and dealers
  • Easy and safe installation from user-friendly instructions

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