WERK II and Noxum

...jointly launch new technology partnership with NovaDB

Norbert Klinnert, Managing Partner Noxum and Sebastian Hardung, Director of Alliances & Marketing at priint Group | WERK II

Noxum GmbH develops and sells standard and customized software at three locations with headquarters in Würzburg. The Noxum team has set itself the goal of optimally applying the potential and possibilities of the latest software technologies in its software solutions. The experience gained from projects involving data generation, consolidation, structuring and the creation of different target formats for publication led to the development of NovaDB.

With NovaDB, Noxum provides companies with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) for digitizing and automating their content and data processes. One of NovaDB's strengths is that it can be integrated into existing system landscapes, pull data from various data sources such as ERP, data silos or databases and structure it - either individually or according to classification standards such as ECLASS. Through structured provision, NovaDB and the priint:suite succeed in merging content for automated publication in all channels.

Norbert Klinnert, Managing Partner Noxum: With NovaDB and priint:suite, we create digital and analog experiences - for all target groups, across all sales channels and media. We are looking forward to the joint projects with priint Group / WERK II and the networking in the partner network: together, we want to get the best out of their content for our customers and partners in the manufacturing industry and consumer goods manufacturers and automate the publication processes.

Sebastian Hardung, Director of Alliances & Marekting: We are pleased to add Noxum as a new technology partner to our partner network. NovaDB's focus on the digitization of business processes makes it a strong system for integration with the new priint:suite, where we are relying on Camunda as the workflow engine for integration into overarching business processes with version 4.2.

About priint Group / WERK II

Founded in 2003, priint Group / WERK II is one of the world's leading software providers of solutions for bringing product data to life. We believe there are two primary factors of successful marketing communication: 1.) the availability of information "on demand" and 2.) the "relevance" of the content. In terms of channel selection, the priint Group sees the combination of digital and offline measures as a key factor for a truly successful customer experience. The priint:suite brings digital transformation and automation to the creative lifecycle: whether as a scheduled or on-demand publication, standardized or personalized, in one or fifty languages.

To put it into perspective: companies that rely on the priint:suite achieve an increase in publishing efficiency of up to 80%.

The priint:suite can be operated in both the company's own data center and in a private cloud environment operated by the priint Group / WERK II.

About the priint:suite

...the comprehensive solution for today's publishing challenges.

Today, more than ever, the combination of digital and print publications is crucial to telling a consistent story across all channels. To date, more than 500 customers and 100 partners rely on the priint:suite to convey these stories across their publishing channels with the same consistent quality. With the priint:suite, it is possible to automate publishing processes to be ready for any and all modern needs or requirements. By utilizing the various components of the priint:suite, companies can integrate a wide variety of data sources (such as ERP, PIM, MDM, DAM, CRM, CMS web stores or MRM systems) to make data usable for any type of publishing project with our plug-ins for Adobe® InDesign®, InDesign Server and Illustrator®, among others.

Thanks to this integration and the flexibility of the priint:suite, the same possibilities that are indispensable in digital communication today are also available for classic publications. The modular structure and full scalability of the priint:suite enable cost-effective and successful automation of publishing processes for companies of all sizes. The priint:suite allows for the creation of automated publications, such as data sheets, catalogs or packaging, for industrial customers, mail order companies, manufacturers and many more.

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