New release of priint:suite 2024/1

Innovative functions for multi-channel communication

March 2024. The release of priint:suite 2024/1 will be available from the end of March 2024. The new version offers a range of innovative functions that help companies to optimize their multi-channel communication and make it more efficient.

From this release onwards, the conventional user interface will no longer be required, with a few exceptions, as all functions will be available in the new, user-friendly interfaces. Migration to the current priint:suite version is mandatory until the end of 2025.

The 3 pillars of the priint:suite product strategy

  1. Improvement of the User Experience
    1. Introduction of Neowise (2023), a completely new web interface
    2. Continuous further development of Neowise will lead to the introduction of a new web interface for administrative activities from 2024/1.
    3. At priint:day in September 2024, the priint Group will present the integration of channel-specific print content editing in the new web interface

  2. Improvement of our Enterprise Architecture for large installations and scalable projects
    1. The introduction of Camunda as a BPMN process engine in our enterprise architecture in 2023/1 has significantly increased the performance of the priint:suite.
    2. In September 2024/2: Introduction of an object store that supports cloud-based file systems, distributes documents and improves the security of digital communication by encrypting InDesign documents.
    3. By 2025/1, the large "Pubserver" monolith will be migrated to a Payara micro pubserver.

  3. Promoting digital communication with the priint:suite
    1. The introduction of priint:cloud in 2021
      Detailed documentation for priint:cloud is now available for priint Group partners.
      The priint Group has also developed a web-based management app that closes the gaps between the local configuration of templates and deployment on cloud systems. By combining this app with comprehensive documentation, integration partners are able to carry out projects largely independently. Projects can be created, configurators assigned and roles assigned in the management app to ensure a smooth process.
    2. datamanagement (formerly facet module), enables the rule-based compilation of data for various output structures and digital channels.

The new functions / functional enhancements in detail:

  • Dashboards
    The dashboards give users an overview of current projects. In priint:suite 2024/1, processes and the creation of individual publications can now be put together faster and better and the dashlets can be better configured.

  • Tasks
    The task list shows which tasks and detailed tasks need to be completed. Camunda, a powerful process engine for managing tasks more efficiently, was integrated back in 2022. New functions such as filter options for individual tasks according to aspects such as due date, object information, process details and others now make working with publications much easier.

  • Publications
    A wide variety of publications, such as catalogs, data sheets, brochures, packaging, etc., can be individually adapted and optimized via this item. A new feature is the option of filtering according to various criteria, such as the status of a document, the document type and other parameters. For example, the user can see at a glance how many documents have the status "Correction". Another new feature is the ability to edit mass data in order to edit authorizations, templates, metadata or other information for the documents of a publication or parts thereof.

  • The Kanban Board
    With the production monitoring tool, the Kanban Board, the user has an easy way to see which phase the individual documents or parts of a publication are in. The quick finder assists in finding documents quickly. All stages of a document's life cycle are also displayed - from preparation to delivery.

  • Page Plan / Flatplan
    This is where the planning of the page takes place. A new feature is the so-called "Image column", which displays the main image of the respective content in order to identify the correct product faster. Another new feature is the ability to move the order of documents using drag & drop or to hide and display documents.
    A new feature in this section automatically adjusts the size of an object to the assigned grid area.
    Using the new snippet management, layout modules that have already been produced can be used, adapted and rewritten to make them available for other documents or publications.

New tool: datamanager

Data for print must still be prepared specifically for printing. For this purpose, the priint Group has developed a new tool in the new user interface. Formerly known as the facet module, it now bears the name "datamanager". Although PIM systems often offer functions for compiling data for different channels, these are frequently not used. For this reason, the priint Group's datamanger offers a way of preparing and configuring data for the print channel in a rule-based and fully automated manner. The data hierarchy is therefore not defined in a system, but is defined on the fly, so to speak, using rules. There is no need to define hierarchies in a PIM or channel hierarchies.
Note: In headless publishing, the above takes place fully automatically through imports.

New features for priint:suite administrators

The priint Group has developed an application in which administrators can manage user roles, teams, metadata on publications, server settings, imports and exports as well as a support section with all available documentation. It also provides information about the current standard and how many users are currently in the system. It is a completely new application for the administration of the application.


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