Planning of print touchpoints at Victorinox

Step by step for the automated creation of print touchpoints

Anyone who produces 120,000 knives a day and 12 million pages a year (main catalogs) knows about the challenges of the processes involved in the production of print advertising materials. Victorinox issued a tender in 2017 to automate the production of high-quality print products, including those for watches, luggage and perfumes. Since that time, our Enterprise Solution Partner Laudert has also supported Victorinox's automated print approval process.

The changeover of print production took place in several steps. The first step was to partially automate the creation of their watch catalogue, which was produced for Basel World in February 2018.

In the second phase, the ERP system and Celum DAM system were connected to priint:comet, which already resulted in visible simplifications due to the print automation in the daily work and the production of the catalogs in 12 languages.

The automated print production of many other touchpoints, such as the hangtags on suitcases, is being planned and will be successively introduced and implemented.