New whitepaper together with Contentserv!

Making the Customer Experience Measurable with the ROX

Recent years have shown that customers are increasingly ordering online. The central task of the manufacturer is therefore to inspire and convince customers and interested parties at all times across all touchpoints. This is the only way to achieve long-term customer loyalty. This means that the customer experience is a central task in companies.

To achieve this, companies must invest more and more in the customer experience. The mapping of these investments is only possible to a limited extent with a return on investment (ROI) calculation. This is because the ROI consideration only takes into account the classic return on investment.

But what if there is a new key figure that puts the investments into a relationship with the customer experience measures?

This is precisely what we are exploring in our new whitepaper with our partner Contentserv. You will not only learn how to successfully introduce and calculate the Return on Experience (ROX) in your company as a key performance indicator, but also why a PIM system can become a booster for your customer experience and also for your ROX.

Get started now and become a ROX star with PIM!