AI-based marketing processes with ChatGPT

Alexander Wörl shows how ChatGTP can be embedded as a useful helper in otherwise very complex marketing processes. Starting from the supplier's usual Excel file, attributes are already mapped in the Contentserv Onboarding Portal, suitable colors are found, products are classified, and even creative short and long texts are created in different languages. In conjunction with Contentserv Workflow and Data Quality Gates, this data then becomes immediately usable in the web store, priint:comet or Smart Documents and shows how ChatGPT is able to turn entire marketing process landscapes upside down.

Alexander Wörl

As co-founder of Contentserv, Alexander Wörl, a physics graduate, has been the driving force behind the product for over 20 years. Over the years, in various roles at Contentserv, he has repeatedly shown how his product visions can be put into practice and also marketed. Many of the software components that make up Contentserv today got their start on his MacBook. These include the Smart Documents, Data Flows, Flex Tables, the Contentserv Dashboard, the REST Framework, the priint:comet integration, the Active Scripts and Workflow Engine, the OpenSearch, Cloud Streams, the Onboarding Portal or even all Business Solutions.

Alexander Wörl