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Contentserv offers the most intuitive product experience management platform on the market. A cloud solution that enables companies to improve their product experiences with the help of AI, tap into new markets and channels, and grow sustainably — B2C and B2B. Contentserv stands for Seamless Business, Human Touch, and Inspiring Technology: Dive right in, navigate intuitively and achieve unparalleled success right from day one. The open platform continuously integrates innovative ideas and technologies - and inspires users to constantly explore new possibilities.

Where previously marketers, IT specialists, and global product teams invested immense effort in managing product data, Contentserv ensures pure efficiency: Automated product data in one central location and seamlessly integrated feedback from all channels enable manufacturers and retailers to use their content more successfully and sustainably increase sales.

Contentserv is made for leading brands — and those who want to be leaders today rather than tomorrow. Companies of all sizes and industries around the world value the intuitive Product Experience Cloud because it helps them make decisive progress: for more traffic on product pages, for higher conversion and customer satisfaction, for improved time-to-value and optimized ROI. For digital commerce without limits.

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  • Offer the best product experience
  • Make targeted use of market and customer insights
  • Realize and increase sales on all channels
  • Optimize continuously thanks to new developments



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