From the slipstream into the fast lane, revolution in catalog production at ROTHENBERGER

The "Roadrunner" from Looney Tunes shows just how it's done.
The winner of a race is usually not the most aggressive company. It is mostly the company that tackles it with vision and strategy. Often it is even enough to clear up the field from behind.

Or asked the other way around.
Has the Coyote ever won against the Roadrunner?

ROTHENBERGER revolutionizes its catalog production: The initiative enables ROTHENBERGER to optimize and internationalize its catalog production quickly, efficiently and in a resource-saving manner. At the same time, a digital channel for global product information is created, which ensures consistency and credibility of product information through consistently applied accountability.

This presentation will explain the specifics of change, highlight the benefits for ROTHENBERGER and its customers, and address the friction between Coyote and Roadrunner from the Looney Tunes. #BeepBeep

About Bastian Seib

Bastian Seib is the Head of Product Data Management / Head of Marketing Technology at ROTHENBERGER Werkzeuge GmbH and an expert in the development and implementation of PIM strategies and systems. He is responsible for managing and optimizing ROTHENBERGER's product information, ensuring it is available across all sales channels. His years of extensive experience in this field enable him to develop and implement a seamless and effective product information management strategy for ROTHENBERGER, helping the company to increase efficiency and success.

About Patrick Nonnweiler

Patrick Nonnweiler is a Senior Business Consultant at Parsionate. He has been working for many years in the publishing sector with the priint:suite for numerous European companies. His focus is on consulting, analysis, conception and processes.

Patrick Nonnweiler

Bastian Seib