Data integration made easy

The priint:publishing Hub is a unique middleware component of the priint:suite that makes it possible to use data from different source systems, via interfaces or as an import, and make them available for use. This data is consolidated “virtually“ and made available for all marketing and publishing processes – including digital and analog marketing.

Data is the alpha and omega of marketing. Data is not only vital for addressing target groups, but for automating marketing processes and applies to both digital and offline media. However, the prerequisite for automation is the provision of up-to-date and perfectly maintained data. In practice, product information is provided and revised repeatedly without using the existing database. This often leads to subpar quality and substantial additional costs.

As middleware, the priint:publishing Hub facilitates the automatic transfer of data from multiple sources into the publishing process, enabling the automated and secure creation of various publications at the highest level.

Process optimization through data integration

By using the middleware priint:publishing Hub, all systems are connected with one interface regardless of whether it is a REST, SOAP or database connection. We also support all file formats for a direct upload of flat files via XML, JSON or Excel.

  • Fast and easy integration into data sources
  • Consolidation of data via a virtual data model
  • Live connection via connectors or import of data

Data visualization

The data consolidated in the priint:publishing Hub is directly available for all components of the priint:suite. In addition, a web front-end is available, which displays the consolidated data (ex. for data control).

Caching of Data

The priint:publishing Hub offers exciting possibilities to cache data including speeding up the rendering of pages. The generic connectors can be used to define how long data is cached without asking the connected data systems and enables you to define how long data should be kept in the cache for each entity model.



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