2nd priint:partner conference, Illustrator and Innovation

With the 2nd priint:partner conference in Montabaur, priint Group | Werk II offered its partners a glimpse into the development roadmap as well as an update to the development of the new partner program. During the conference priint also launched its new plug-in for Adobe Illustrator, a native adaptation to the well-known functionalities of the priint:comet ID plug-in.

With the new plug-in for Adobe Illustrator being presented to Partners priint Group | Werk II launches a new plug-in to support much needed process automation for the very interesting market of packaging and labeling.

For the second time since 2017, priint Group | Werk II has been recognized as one of the most innovative companies from one of 20 industry sectors in Germany securing the "Innovator of the Year 2019" Award.


9th priint:day and the expansion of the priint Group

The 9th priint:day with its main theme "Marketing meets Technology" evolves from an event where priint Group | Werk II is setting the stage for new technologies and applications of the priint:suite into one of the central events to talk about product communication and all of its facets in D-A-CH. With over 300 participants from all industries discussing the steadily rising interest in Marketing Technology.

Also this year priint Group | Werk II added the Duisburg native web-to-print provider Melago to its portfolio.

In addition to these developments a new subsidiary is founded with Priint Poland and a new team of technical consultants for project specific development was onboarded in Vietnam with the support of our Partner Laudert.


Establishing the priint:partner conference as central event for the partner community

With the priint:day growing in relevance for customers, the time to engage with partners became more and more limited during the priint:day. With the priint:partner conference a spin-off was created to establish an event that was primarily targeted at Partners to exchange Visions, Ideas and plans. With 100 Partners from over 10 countries the event was a great success enabling the leading minds behind the priint:suite to share their insights and learn directly from Partners enabling customers to be successful with the priint:suite.

priint Group | Werk II has been recognized as an "Innovator of the Year" by the renowned business magazine Brand Eins Wissen and Statista, making it one of the 400 most innovative companies in Germany.


Up Next: priint Japan

After establishing offices in Germany, the United States and France the next step for is to open Priint Japan.


Duisburg, Detroit and now Paris

With the successful continued expansion of our business in the United States, the next step for the priint Group leads back to Europe with the foundation of priint France.


The priint:suite becomes an intermediary for the digital transformation

A new technical setup for the priint:suite with a new architecture enables a seamless integration of the priint:suite into processes. With the new priint:publishing hub the priint:suite is empowered to connect to any IT System that is offering an interface from Database to Soap interfaces thus making it easier than ever to leverage it's full potential to improve processes while reducing the danger of manually merging different data sources for publishing.


Going to America, foundations for the priint Group

To further its international focus, Werk II decides to open subsidiaries to better support local partners implementing projects with the priint:suite. The first step is founding a subsidiary in the United States of America to directly support projects in North and South America.


4th priint:day & Internationalization

With over 200 participants the 4th priint:day is growing strong, establishing it as the foremost event to learn about trends and solutions in publishing for product communication. Werk II is generating over 35% of its revenue outside the D-A-CH region as the first projects in the USA are successfully delivered by new partners in the USA as the company has grown to over 30 employees.


Welcoming the leading PIM Vendors as Technology Partners

With the priint partner network alread growing steadily with more than 70 partners Werk II is now also joined by the Heiler Software AG as well as the Hybris AG, two of the foremost international leading PIM Providers. In addition to this, the functionalities of the priint:suite are extended by the new publication planner, enabling companies to further improve their processes by organizing them directly in the integrated publishing platform.


150 customers, 50 partners, one community!

At the second priint:day Werk II is proudly presenting the new functions and features of the priint:suite while Werk II is continously growing with more than 20 people working tirelessly to improve the priint:suite. With over 50 partners taking care of the needs and further development of more than 150 customers Werk II is growing to be the leading developer of tools for publishing in product communication.


Werk II organizes the first priint:day

With over 100 people attending the first priint:day, customers and partners enjoy the opportunity to experience the opportunities to learn inside this great and growing community. In his keynote Horst Huber shares his vision of a seamlessly integrated Web-Based print process. By leveraging the new Whiteboard with PIM Systems as well as priint:comet and Adobe InDesign Horst Huber demonstrated how the merging of database publishing and Web2Print functions will define the future.


With the Whiteboard Werk II enables customers to utilize visual product planning.

With the new Whiteboard component added to the ever-growing solution portfolio, Werk II enables companies utilizing database oriented workflows with priint:comet and InDesign to Plan, Modify and Enrich their documents in this Web-Based application.


Werk II Surpasses 20 Partners

Werk II surpasses its own estiamte in qualifiying a total of over 20 new Partners by the end of 2006. The growing network of partners implementing and using priint:comet plug-ins in projects for their customers in industry, retail, wholesale and mail order. In addition to the popular Desktop Versions of the InDesign plug-in Werk II also developed a plug-in for the InDesign Server.


First Version, first Customer, first Partner

The comet 1.0 plug-in for Adobe InDesign is released and the first Partnership is formed with Gieseking & Grunzig, developers of the PIM System CaTs. With the first customer of the comet plug-ins "Deutscher Supplement Verlag" Werk II is off to a good start.


Werk II is founded while Adobe InDesign is starting to grow in relevance

After selling his first company to Bertelsman, Horst Huber decided to take the next Step. In 2003 Werk II Medien- und Informationsgesellschaft mbH is founded by Dr. Gabriele Siegert, Paul Seidel and Horst Huber with the clear goal to improve publishing processes for everyone using Adobe InDesign for Desktop Publishing. That year Adobes market share in the market for Desktop Publishing was about 5%, still Werk II decided to aim for the future.