prodexa PIM - Product information is our thing!

Data is the new oil! Originally this quote by author Kiran Bhageshpur from 2017 is more current than ever, because first-class product data is the basis of success in e-commerce. Optimally prepared, they are available across all media - "Multichannel Management" is the magic phrase. The solution: prodexa software offers professional data management in one system and brings order to the data chaos.

prodexa develops holistic solutions around the topic of product information from the cloud at its Dortmund location. The company was founded in late 2019, but has more than 20 years of experience in product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM) development through its predecessor companies OpusCapita and jCatalog.
In order to manage the complexity of multichannel management and provide customers with a gripping product experience across all touchpoints, a holistic customer experience is important. The prodexa Cloud offers automated and centralized workflows that covers just that.
Our core competencies lie in creating added value for customers, employees and partners from product information with Product Experience Management (PXM). The efficient interaction of customized products, individual services, personal experiences and the feedback of our customers helps to direct the product information with appropriate context into the right channel, across all touchpoints.
Our customers are medium-sized and larger companies, predominantly from the automotive, retail, electrical engineering and industrial sectors.
We follow the motto: Make simple simple, make complex possible!

Product data as a competitive advantage

The quality of product data is enormously important, and the management of it all the more difficult. With prodexa PIM, all product information is captured, organized and updated in a single system. This data is made available company-wide for all media and sales channels. This bundling has an enormous advantage: superfluous data silos are dissolved and the processing of each product information takes place in only one place. This process is also known as Single Point of Truth (SPOT), it  ensures consistency of master data across the company. Once created, they can be enriched and output again in various forms and different media. Even multiple times, in a store system, at the POS up to the print catalog.

First-class products

We provide standard solutions for product information management, omnichannel, multichannel publishing and eCommerce and support companies in dealing with product information. This makes prodexa the partner at the customer's side when it comes to realizing efficient information processes. This is important to us: The product experience for customers, partners or employees should be the best- in every channel, online and offline.
Here's how it works: Teams can access all current and relevant information in real time via the SaaS solution. Automated workflows and data enrichment provide a true 360-degree view of their products. This not only makes daily work easier, but also puts  employees in a good mood. After all, if users get on well with the software, it will be used to its full potential. Our systems are extremely user-friendly and enjoy a high level of acceptance among our customers, which in turn leads to successful use in companies. Reason enough for us to continuously invest in the development of our software, of course taking into account the feedback from our customers.

Multichannel Publishing – one of many prodexa topics

Whether automated database publishing or desktop publishing, with prodexa you are on the safe side. We know that time-consuming processes are often necessary to create different media formats. Diverse settings and formatting often complicate the production and publication of product or marketing and sales documents. The way to avoid errors: Automated processes using database publishing! For example, the priint:comet plug-in for Adobe Illustrator enables layout rules to be used to generate templates as well as page content automatically. In addition, layout parameters can also be used to define information for display in the output channel. This function enables desktop publishing users to efficiently place product information in corresponding templates. This makes it child's play to structure publications in chapters or sections, which is helpful when planning stretch or page-oriented print media. To ensure that all editing steps are presented in a comprehensible way, there is an intelligent role and rights assignment. Not only that: it is also possible to compare, edit and, if desired, undo various versions. You determine yourself who in the company gets which authorizations.

The output is diverse

Depending on the use of the publication, different output formats are important. The prodexa Cloud supports almost everything, e.g. PDF, HTML, Adobe InDesign, XML, Apps and CMS formats such as Typo3 or WordPress. However, automation can lead to high post-processing efforts. prodexa Cloud offers multi-channel solutions for this, which use  intelligent and rule-based format templates  to ensure reliable output and save tedious post-processing. These automated processes avoid data errors, and it is possible to work directly in Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress. When generating publications, links and references are automatically supported, and it is possible to publish them in different target media in a uniform corporate design. Alternatively, it is possible to use customer-specific layouts. This saves a lot of work, because identical content addresses several target groups at once. Our customers use prodexa Cloud as a flexible editorial system for the creation, layout and publication of content in print and online. The system can be used on a multitude of devices, including mobile and tablet.

Why you should go for SaaS!

Saas (Software as a Service) means that the software is in the cloud and can be used from anywhere, regardless of time and location. Customers use prodexa Cloud as a service. The complete infrastructure is located with us, we take care of updates, storage space and hosting. In contrast to "on-premise", where the software is hosted on in-house servers and users get access to the programs as a desktop application. Installation, administration, maintenance, data backup and documentation are all done by the IT department. This can quickly lead to delays in projects. We advise a cloud-based SaaS solution, which offers  maximum flexibility for employees. No additional hardware is required, the costs are manageable and spread evenly. prodexa carries out regular updates so that the latest version is always available. This applies to all our products, whether PIM, DAM or cross media publishing. Of course, our SaaS solution is scalable.

Our team of experts analyzes the existing IT infrastructure and the sources and channels required for an efficient multichannel strategy. We always keep industry specifics and market developments in focus. From planning and conception to implementation, both our team and our partners are at your side. We also offer a wide range of training courses on various topics. If desired, we can also take care of data and catalog management. Standard formats such as eCl@ss or eCl@ss Advanced and ETIM are provided by prodexa. We accompany you during the catalog creation, through the complete publishing process, help with the creation of required templates and the layouts- all the way to print!