Interview mit Fabian Fischer und Lea Reitz von nexoma

An exchange between partners

The priint:day offers the opportunity to exchange ideas, make new contacts and meet partners again. Since we unfortunately had to postpone priint:day under the given circumstances, we have taken the idea of reunion as a model to talk to our sponsors about the past weeks:

What has changed since COVID19? Which experiences could be gathered? What about live events like the priint:day - does it still have a future?

From our partner nexoma Fabian Fischer, Sales & Business Development and Lea Reitz, Marketing, have agreed to an interview and gave us (virtually) an insight into the company and the experiences gained.

Thank you for taking the time for the interview. What we have been asking ourselves since your video in April: What makes you a "crazy bunch" like you described in the video?

The Sauerlaender (Region in Germany) is said to be rather down-to-earth and reserved towards new things - in other words, rather the silent observer.

With us it looks different: Before Corona, you could walk through our office during work and there was always some laughing or joking about each other. In our daily "Good morning nexoma" calls we talk about really everything: We talk about business topics, but also about more private issues in order to strengthen the personal relationship. Here is a small insight: [Birthday at nexoma].

In summary, one can definitely come to the same conclusion: What a crazy bunch.

If we already talk about "crazy" and there also about the community: At the beginning of COVID19 you got a "Welcome to isolation" package. What exactly was that about?

That fits to the topic "crazy bunch": We all worked in the home office, like many companies. Our boss, Guido Sauerland, has come up with a nice little idea: Every employee got a parcel sent home, as a thank you for the work and "keeping the job". [Here a view into the parcel]

The gesture was a very great idea by our boss: it shows the trust placed in us, especially in the Corona era.

Has anything changed in the teamwork?

Basically nothing drastic, because we didn't have to buy any additional laptops, for example, to make the home office possible.

However, we have been able to gather some experience: We had to plan more appointments for normal arrangements, which made the schedule much fuller. During the video conferences, it was difficult to read "between the lines" despite the camera. This is much easier in the on-site discussions and especially relevant in project work.

For this reason, digital project work is going back a little at the moment, because the employees return to the office in compliance with hygiene measures and a booking plan, so that they can exchange information more easily.

After the last few weeks, the appreciation of personal contact with colleagues, which is missing in the home office, has increased again and the middle ground between flexible home office and office hours has been established.

As we have seen, you have now visited the first live event, PROKOM, under Corona conditions as an exhibitor. What was your experience of making contacts outside your own organisation at a trade fair?

It was once again great to see customers and visitors face-to-face and not have to make digital appointments. The casual togetherness and talking to each other physically, of course with distance, was great. The exchange within the industry, without the fixed projects behind it, has definitely been lacking in the last few weeks.

The exchange and networking is one of the reasons why we postponed the priint:day. Until June 2021 we will look how we can implement networking and lectures under the current conditions. After all, we do not want to miss out on the exchange within the industry.

There was also an increase in personnel at your company, right?

Yes, exactly - Lea has now joined the marketing department under Corona. The process of on-boarding and familiarisation was exciting for everyone involved. Under Corona, both could only be done purely digitally, and that was both a change for us in the company and a completely new situation for Lea.

[To be continued]

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