Every day Customer Touchpoints can save companies and even lives

Lunchtime choices – every day stuff for most of us, chicken, cheese, white bread or multi seed. We each go through decisions like this to titillate our taste buds, avoid our dislikes or even allergies. For some people though knowing what is in or on your food is more than just a fancy, it is vital.

When a sandwich or salad is created, potentially at least two people know the ingredients, the chef who created the recipe and added them to the food preparation and secondly the buyer of the ingredients. They will know as there is most likely a line item on an order with the supplier somewhere.

A sprinkle of sesame seeds or a crumb of pistachio nuts is all well and good for the taste and look of the salad, but if the labelling on the product or the shelf in a store fails to mention this addition then the outcome may be disastrous for some consumers. If the sesame seed used by the chef in his recipe was purchased, then it is reasonable to ask “is it possible to set up a process that captures this product information from the recipe and the ERP or PIM automatically and place it directly on the store label or food packaging”?

Food labelling like many important aspects of our life is regulated to protect the consumer; if the regulations are not adhered to then the law can come down hard on the offending company that breaks those regulations. It is a Customer Touchpoint with a real purpose.

In packaging production it has always been an expensive, manual, time consuming process to ensure all the relevant text and image detail is present and correct at the time of printing.

If the PIM or digital asset management system (DAM) is holding the latest information, but the packaging production process only features image picking plugins to Adobe® InDesign or Illustrator, then a trick is being missed.

It is now possible to set up an automatic process that guarantees the latest and correct information is imported to the design tool directly online and correctly. Of course equally importantly to the packaging process is multiple country communication. Adding up to date text from the data source also means automatically adding or changing language variants at the click of a mouse.

At last technology has provided a more reliable direct connection to stored product data and the pre-printing packaging market. Comet Illustrator plug-in from the priint:suite provides this live active link to the most up to date version of ingredients, technical data or latest image.

One small technology improvement in our day to day life that can save time, money and maybe even life itself.

If you are interested in learning more about these touchpoints, please download the Touchpoint Travel Map here