Smart Leadership: How AI increases employee motivation and simplifies change processes

In my presentation, I explore the dynamic relationship between leadership, employee motivation and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in change processes. We will dive into the world of Leadership 4.0, where traditional leadership concepts are merging with AI technologies in innovative ways to increase employee motivation and performance. Through case studies and current research findings, I will illustrate how companies are using AI as a tool to make change processes more effective and increase employee motivation. My aim is to convey an understanding of how a smart combination of human empathy and technological support creates an inspiring and smart leadership culture and successfully drives change in companies. 


My main area of interest: How do we succeed in "Leadership for Tomorrow"? I am convinced that the combination of scientifically based team analyses, AI-supported leadership impulses and personal team coaching is important here. In addition to the very practice-oriented focus - co-founder of MONDAY.ROCKS and long-standing manager - I find a theoretical perspective in the work context exciting. As a professor of personnel and organizational development at the FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economics & Management, I also look at the context of "smart leadership" from a theoretical perspective.

Christoph Schönfelder