priint:partner conference - Idea Exchange and Best Practices for our partner network

Over the years, our priint:day has proven its place as the leading conference for multichannel publishing. The growing importance and complexity of multichannel communication has led to the decision to organize an event just for our partners in addition to priint:day.

The priint:partner conference takes place in alternating years with the priint:day.

2nd priint:partner Conference 2019 - Move beyond digital – enable true omnichannel!

With this forward-looking message, the priint:partner conference entered its second iteration in 2019. In his inspiring keynote, our Global Founder and CEO Horst Huber explained why digital alone is no longer sufficient for the markets of the future. It is much more a question of providing customers with real experiences. What marketing and budget managers now confirm - print is an indispensable part of the customer journey - because it is much more lasting and memorable than the purely digital soundscape. Print is not just a part of the customer experience, print is an important experience.

p³ - priint:partner program

A central part of our growth and development of our company has always been our focus on working with technology and integration partners. During the second PPC we talked with our partners about the different services that our partners offer to our joint customers and how we can better link these services in the future to generate the highest possible added value for our customers.


Presentations from our developers and experts provided the framework for some of these highlights

  • more than 50 participating partners
  • 26 lectures
  • numerous tips & tricks
  • Open Table discussions
  • Evening event for networking with fun & games

Impressions of the 2nd priint:partner Conference