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Second day

Make Content Work - How to make your content work for your products

  • Track: Strategy, Best Practice, Technology
  • Audience Type: Marketing, Management
  • Business Type: All

In the age of content explosion and omnichannel presence, marketing and publishing face major challenges in organizing processes. There is now a consensus that the single source principle for content is the way forward. A unified view of content and collaboration on it, combined with agile methodologies, can break down silos and become an efficiency engine for the entire organization. Learn how to showcase your products at every point of the customer journey - digitally and in print - and create, organize, and route content for every channel and audience.

Reinhard Eisl

Contentserv Product Live Experience with priint:comet

  • Track: Best Practice, Technology
  • Audience Type: Marketing, IT/Project implementation
  • Business Type: All

Alexander Wörl shows live interfaces between the Contentserv PIM and DAM on one and the priint:suite components on the other side. Besides the classical priint:comet integration, Contentserv presents for the first time how to connect to the publishing:hub.

The future of print advertising media at Erwin Müller Group

  • Track: Best Practice
  • Audience Type: Marketing
  • Business Type: Retail

Project practice report on the introduction of automated creation of print advertising materials in connection with Contentserv. Implementation of the print processes with the help of the Priint suite, in particular the layout briefing module for graphic planning. The goal is to be able to produce individual advertising materials.

Nicole Greinwald

Michael Schneider

Customer enablement in digitization projects

  • Track: Innovation
  • Audience Type: IT/Project implementation
  • Business Type: All

In view of high data volumes and growing touchpoints, stringent processes and efficient data management solutions for the targeted publication of product data in online and offline channels are crucial to success.

With the Customer Enablement Program (CEP), SDZeCOM has developed a modular system of standards and methods that enables customers to carry out their projects up to 90% independently. Experience first-hand how this holistic approach enables projects to be implemented largely independently and with maximum quality and flexibility for manufacturers and retailers.

360° Content – How To Fail, Begin-ner’s and Advanced Course

  • Track: Strategy, Best Practice
  • Audience Type: Marketing
  • Business Type: All

A 360° content strategy has many moving parts - data models, content creation, translation, image acquisition and tagging, data migration, atomization, distribution, and more. We look at typical pitfalls and immortal misconceptions, and work out the questions we need to ask ourselves so that the whole becomes more than the sum of its parts.

Thorsten Hamann

Porsche product catalog creation with dynamic variant creation

  • Track: Technology, Innovation
  • Audience IT/Projektimplementation, Management
  • Business Type: All

In this presentation we will show you how the Porsche AG creates product catalogs in different market languages from the Contentserv PIM by
using the priint:comet plugin together with the new dynamic layout

Christoph Krinninger