20% of Touchpoints are related to print and publishing

The priint:suite helps to connect you to different touchpoints for B2B and B2C companies. The priint:suite helps to create different types of media: price lists, general and target group catalogs, leaflets, self-mailers, labels, inscriptions, technical sales documents, packaging, product and application-oriented data sheets, scrollable e-catalogs, parcel supplements, invoices, online banners, package inserts, customer and employee magazines, magalogs, in-store communication media and many more.

The same data that is used for the print channel can be used for digital channels. This ensures a consistent customer experience when it comes to product information. The modularity and scalability of the priint:suite makes it possible to successfully automate the print touchpoints in the company to integrate them step by step into the digital communication strategy. Learn more about the modules of the priint:suite.

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More than 30 print relevant touchpoints help to make multi-channel communication more effective, so perfect customer journeys can be orchestrated. The priint:suite, with its powerful components, helps you create print touchpoints quickly and easily based on existing data sources in your company. Filter touchpoints and discover how priint:suite can help you put this into practice.

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