One training doesn’t fit all

The priint:suite enables people to solve problems faster and more efficiently. From a Desktop Publishing (DTP) Scenario to a fully automated Web2Print Solution, the priint:suite can be leveraged everywhere. If you own structured Data priint:suite enables you to utilize that data in a quick and easy way in InDesign, Illustrator or automated Scenarios.

To enable you to implement your solutions leveraging the priint:suite we’re offering different paths that are described below. Please reach out to us, If we don’t have any open trainings scheduled, and you’re in need of some training.

Standard Training

Our Standard Training enables you to plan, design and implement a publishing project. During these four Days of training you will learn how to ...

  • Analyze the publishing documents you want to automate
  • Integrate the Data out of all relevant Source Systems into the priint:publishing hub
  • Set up the InDesign or Illustrator Plugins and Develop astonishing layouts with connected Data

Individual / In-house Training

Whether you have already participated in the standard training or have previous knowledge we offer you an individual course. You want to train your entire team? We also have a solution for this as well and would be happy to invite you to one of our offices or come to your place. Reach out to us and we design your own indivdual training.

Online Training

Similar to our Individual or Standard Training our Online Training is either set along a complete overview of topics and training sessions or organized along your requirements. In both cases we have had the best experiences, breaking down the individual days into smaller sessions to make it easier for people to follow.

Online Courses [In Preperation]

Our Online Courses will be set up as classic remote learning courses, giving you the opportunity to consume our content whenever you need it and learn along a set curriculum with a prepared set of teachings as well as tasks to finish on your own.

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