About the priint:suite

Data is the alpha and omega of marketing. Its not only vital for addressing target groups, but for automating marketing processes for both digital and offline media. The prerequisite for automation is the provision of data. Too often, product information is provided and revised repeatedly during the creation of marketing materials without referring back to the relevant data that’s being utilized throughout the organization, often leading to unsatisfactory quality, inconsistencies and substantial additional costs. The priint:hub connects the company’s existing data sources to the marketing process, eliminating the headache’s of error-prone and time-consuming additional work.

How it's build and what it's for

The priint:suite connects your content with the publishing process and generates automated print products, OnDemand publishing and Digital publishing.

A consumer encounters a multitude of “touchpoints“ on their customer journey. Around 20% of these are related to print and publishing. 20%! For this reason alone, these touchpoints remain essential components of a successful customer journey.

The modularity of the priint:suite allows the components to be used individually or collectively; enabling the users publishing platform to be successively built to meet their specific needs and requirements. This offers unique scaling possibilities.