Create a flexible and highly efficient catalog system with priint:suite

The basic catalog system of priint:suite is comprised of the priint:planner and the priint:comet ID plugins. Optionally, the server-supported components priint:whiteboard and priint:rendering server can also be integrated. When implemented as a catalog system, priint:suite supports the following functions, among others:

how it works

  • flexible management of publications in a flat planner
  • creation of variants and versions, e.g. for automatic adaptation for different national and language versions
  • creation of sample publications
  • page transfer between publications
  • graphic and list-oriented compilation of publications with live connection to various content systems via priint:publishing hub
  • management of layout modules (snippets) for later reuse in other publications
  • automatic pagination and page generation
  • workgroup functions including digital correction module and central task management
  • configurable workflow system
  • configurable business rules, e.g. for process reviews, planning validation and preflight checks
  • production control and monitoring of ongoing catalogue production
  • integration of external agencies and media service providers
  • server-supported page generation and updating of DTP documents
  • server-supported PDF generation and download functions
  • provision of information as to which products were placed on which page for catalogue controlling and post calculation
  • storage of budget information for planning
  • business rules for the validation of planning information