Our legendary priint:day event is known around the globe for knowledge exchange, innovation and networking. The leading conference for omnichannel publishing brings together representatives from across vertical markets including different manufacturing, wholesale and retail industries.

Speakers from all business areas with deep professional expertise, as well as partner companies, provide inspiring insights into the successful use of the priint:suite in multichannel communication and convey future-oriented perspectives for tomorrow's communication. This first-class event is a must for those who recognize and want to use the added value of multichannel publishing for marketing and commerce.

Since 2008, priint:day takes place every two years, alternating with the priint:Partner Conference. With increasing internationalization and rapidly growing attendance, priint:day has become a not-to-be-missed industry event.

A journey to efficient product communication...

The 10th anniversary priint:day takes participants on a 360° journey into the crucial topics of marketing content and print touchpoints. As the digitalization of marketing advances, it is increasingly apparent that constantly evolving data & content is becoming a predominant challenge of marketing today.  A 360° content strategy includes: 

  • the assessment of technologies and systems 
  • the digitalization of processes in the areas of master data and marketing 
  • the automated creation of content 
  • the communication mix in the multichannel strategy 
  • an outstanding customer experience 

Print and publishing touchpoints are an essential part of a multichannel strategy, complementing and enhancing digital touchpoints. A 360° view of print touchpoints in the context of a digital communications strategy supports the improvement of the customer experience and drives digitization in communication. 

The 10th priint:day is happening! Save the date!

The 10th annual priint:day has been moved to October 5 & 6th, 2021. This fantastic yearly event brings a blend of both interactive in-person sessions as well as digital conferences. Our legendary priint:day event is known around the globe for knowledge exchange, innovation and networking.  

Priint:day is an event you don’t want to miss. We look forward to seeing you there!

We will keep you informed about any adjustments to the priint:day event via our website and newsletters. We look forward to seeing you once again!

Why should I take part?

Data is the new commodity. Companies are discovering an increased need to manage and utilize their ever-evolving data. Determining suitable processes, discovering what systems work best, evaluating what options are available for creating content automatically, etc., are all questions that many companies are working hard to solve. Experts and customers will give real-life oriented presentations on this very topic.

The second 360° view pertains to the future of print touchpoints and the digital transformation of offline marketing. As technology advances and data evolves, e-commerce and digital marketing will interact more with digital print. Our 10th annual priint:day event will provide guidance in the digital transformation of the print channel for both offliners and onliners.

For this anniversary event, we have chosen a unique location for the 10th annual priint:day: the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord. As a disused iron and steel works industrial facility that has reinvented itself, the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord is now an international event location with a distinctive landscape garden development.

Reasons to participate

  • Concentrated expertise involving data & processes
  • Honest LIVE insights into customer projects
  • Evening event party with priint award ceremony
  • Maximum health and safety precautions taken for our guests and employees

Evening event & award ceremony

Our evening will begin with a champagne reception and the priint awards ceremony. During our festive event we will present the priint awards to the best in the industry! Categories include: "Partner of the Year", "Innovation of the Year" and "Publishing Project of the Year", as well as the categories of "Traditional Publishing", "Customer Experience" and "E-Commerce".

We will also enjoy a delectable dinner together. Afterwards, the evening will conclude with a live band and tournament. We are hopeful that holding this event in October will allow us to experience a care-free, joyful evening together.


  • Social gathering & networking
  • Culinary delights
  • Games & fun
  • Festive award ceremony

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