Release of the priint:suite 2023/1

The new version of the priint:suite is available

Duisburg, July 2023 - The new version of the priint:suite is now available. Version 2023/1 represents a milestone for web-based work, collaboration between business users and designers in Adobe® InDesign® and Illustrator®.



Dashboards have been introduced with priint:suite 2023/1. The dashboards allow users to check the status of their projects at a glance, track key metrics and react quickly to changes, and create reports on the aggregated data.

Workflow Engine

The integration of Camunda as a workflow engine for the business processes in the priint:suite enables seamless integration into existing process landscapes, as well as high flexibility in the design of publication processes. Camunda is a powerful and flexible platform that allows users to model, execute and monitor BPMN 2.0 workflows. BPMN 2.0 is an international standard for the representation of business processes that ensures high transparency, consistency and efficiency.

Flatplan with list and grid planning

With priint:suite 2023/1, in addition to flexible list planning for catalogs, the latest version of grid planning comes to the Neowise interface. Grid planning is an important tool for designing publications that should be both aesthetic and functional. By using grids, layout and design professionals can optimize the structure, flow, and hierarchy of content on a page or screen. Grid planning also helps improve readability and comprehension of information by creating a consistent visual framework. Therefore, raster planning is an essential part of the publishing process that influences the quality and success of communications.

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