priint:suite at virtual Drupa 2021

The priint:suite for successful one-to-one communication

The market leader and pioneer for database-driven enterprise publishing solutions will present key features on the digital platform at drupa. To connect consumers even more closely with brands, priint will demonstrate solutions to enable one-to-one communication with personalized print and packaging touchpoints. At the Touchpoint Packaging conference area at virtual.drupa, the latest innovations and concepts for complete digital end-to-end supply chains will be presented together with hp, Esko, Efi, Microfocus as well as leading brands from across vertical industries. During his talk at the drupa preview on December 8th, the CEO and founder of priint Group / Werk II, Horst Huber, focused on the existing gap in omnichannel communication between consumer and brands, telling a compelling story about how priint Group / Werk II can help to bridge this gap in omnichannel communication.

priint:suite: Life-cycle data connectivity to enable one-to-one communication

The priint Group / WERK II priint:suite software platform connects data from different sources with publishing applications and can automatically create multiple touchpoints around print and packaging to enhance the customer journey.

The key to this enablement lies in the priint:publishing hub middleware. The priint:suite links data directly from the various data sources such as PIM, DAM, ERP, eCommerce or CRM data from brand manufacturers and retailers to create layout- optimized data sets. This link to critical corporate data is maintained throughout the entire content creation and layout lifecycle.This provides completely automated data and layouts directly into InDesign, Illustrator or PDF documents.

Adobe: "The priint:suite is the only enterprise-scale platform that covers the entire lifecycle of data-driven publishing."

CEO Horst Huber: "Our vision is real-time one-to-one communication using print and publishing touchpoints. Digitization has increased the demand for personalized, high- performance end-to-end publishing automation solutions. For priint Group / WERK II, sharing our knowledge in this area with key technology players in the print and packaging industry is a natural fit to create well-connected end-to-end digital solutions to improve B-2-B and B-2-C communication."

priint Group / WERK II at virtual.drupa

priint Group / WERK II is an exhibitor with its full innovative product portfolio at the virtual.drupa. The focus will be on the latest trend of hyper-automation and personalization, artificial intelligence, headless publishing, web-to-publish and on- demand high-speed rendering of Adobe® InDesign®, Illustrator® and PDF files, as well as table automation in Illustrator and cloud-based services.

The live sessions with participation of priint Group / WERK II will be held by CEO priint Americas, Jonathan Dropiewski, CEO priint France Pierre Saint Michel, Director Alliances and Marketing, Sebastian Hardung. In the exhibition space CEO priint Japan, Wataru Tada, will give insights in Japanese cases.

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