New Partnership Announced Between priint Group / WERK II and aclevion AG

Exciting new partnership announced between WERK II and aclevion AG

New Partnership Announced Between priint Group / WERK II and aclevion AG

Exciting new partnership announced between WERK II and aclevion AG.

priint Group / WERK II and aclevion AG are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership. The aclevion AG team has already experienced first-hand the world-class priint:suite enterprise publishing solution from priint Group / WERK II, thanks to the established relationship between the priint Group / WERK II and censhare (Schweiz) AG. The new partnership establishes a strong foundation for successfully implementing publishing projects for their customers together for years to come.

As a spin-off of censhare (Schweiz) AG, aclevion AG has offered customized digital solutions for superior customer and product experiences for more than 15 years. aclevion AG focuses on leading system solutions and the latest technologies for their customers in the Swiss market- including several well-known national and international brands such as MIGROS, Swiss Re and Geberit.

Jürg Weber, CEO avlevion AG:
« "Print is dead” has been a tenor of many service providers in the market over the past few years. The fact that this is not the case is demonstrated by the still important use of print media in the communications mix of our customers from industry, retail and finance. Today, print is much more than just printed paper; the medium has become innovative and is also an important teaser and communication tool in the digital universe. We are pleased to add the priint:suite, a world-leading publishing solution, to our portfolio.
Horst Huber, CEO priint Group / WERK II:
« We are very pleased to welcome aclevion AG as a new implementation partner. Jürg Weber and I have known each other for over 15 years and have already successfully implemented publishing projects in the past. The decision of aclevion AG to include the priint:suite in their service portfolio shows the importance of print projects in times of digitalization. In addition, aclevion AG follows the best of breed approach for print automation. »

About priint Group / WERK II

Founded in 2003, priint Group / WERK II is one of the world's leading software providers of solutions for bringing product data to life. We believe there are two primary factors of successful marketing communication: 1.) the availability of information "on demand" and 2.) the "relevance" of the content. In terms of channel selection, the priint Group sees the combination of digital and offline measures as a key factor for a truly successful customer experience. The priint:suite brings digital transformation and automation to the creative lifecycle: whether as a scheduled or on-demand publication, standardized or personalized, in one or fifty languages.

To put it into perspective: companies that rely on the priint:suite achieve an increase in publishing efficiency of up to 80%.

The priint:suite can be operated in both the company's own data center and in a private cloud environment operated by the priint Group / WERK II.

About the priint:suite

...the comprehensive solution for today's publishing challenges.

Today, more than ever, the combination of digital and print publications is crucial to telling a consistent story across all channels. To date, more than 500 customers and 100 partners rely on the priint:suite to convey these stories across their publishing channels with the same consistent quality. With the priint:suite, it is possible to automate publishing processes to be ready for any and all modern needs or requirements. By utilizing the various components of the priint:suite, companies can integrate a wide variety of data sources (such as ERP, PIM, MDM, DAM, CRM, CMS web stores or MRM systems) to make data usable for any type of publishing project with our plug-ins for Adobe® InDesign®, InDesign Server and Illustrator®, among others.

Thanks to this integration and the flexibility of the priint:suite, the same possibilities that are indispensable in digital communication today are also available for classic publications. The modular structure and full scalability of the priint:suite enable cost-effective and successful automation of publishing processes for companies of all sizes.

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