priint:day 2021... A Complete Success!

Move Beyond Digital - The Path to Efficient Product Communication

WERK II's anniversary, priint:day, was held October 5th & 6th, 2021 in Duisburg's Landschaftspark, Germany. During the two-day event, more than 40 speakers took the stage equipped with highly informative and innovative presentations. Additionally, the highly sought after annual awards presentation took place during a festive evening dinner event.

All presentations will be published successively in the coming weeks and months. Up-to-date information about the publication will be announced via social media as well as in the priint Group | Werk II newsletter.

Comments from Participants of the 10th priint:day:

  • "This is my first priint:day and I think it's great to network with people and meet new people. There is quite a lot of expertise on board with many dealers and consultants. Also, it's a super location and a great event to get out of the whole Corona theme and really meet people again, interact with them and exchange ideas." Thomas Borkowski, bofrost*
  • "What's special about the priint:days is that you can just feel that print is incredibly relevant even today in 2021, and so many experts from a wide variety of fields come together." Martin Bons, igus®

  • "I took away many exciting topics that were presented at the event. There is also definitely a great variety and choice between which one then also has to decide. But the special thing is definitely the location in the landscape park." Anika Lilge, GC Group

This year's priint:day kicked off with a trainee camp. As part of the trainee camp, participants were able to experience the power of print & publishing in three distinct presentations.

Moving Beyond Digital

In the last two years , there has been a tremendous shift in the way companies run their businesses. Regardless of their size, companies had to rely heavily on digital technology in order to survive the fallout of the pandemic. What had once seemed nearly impossible for many companies to do in prior years had to quickly be implemented in a very short time frame. As a primary example, the home office option suddenly became the standard of doing business as millions of employees around the globe were forced to work remotely. From standard daily work tasks to virtual meetings, workshops and even large trade shows- companies were forced to go remote in order to keep their businesses alive and thriving. There was no choice but to actively engage with the new digital transformation.

In relation to publishing, this also meant increasing digitization of all process steps, such as establishing a digital correction process. In many of the presentations at priint:day, it was evident that the term "digital transformation" has long since arrived in companies, but that implementation has only been truly prioritized in recent months due to the current world environment. As a result of the new digital transformation, the print medium is once again being put to the test. 

The priint:day event closely examined how print and publishing will take shape in the future. Three very insightful customer presentations by Hansgrohe, Hoffmann and Wago highlighted precisely this aspect. Additionally, the presentation by bofrost* demonstrate how to create trust within an organization.

The two-day event included many more helpful presentations on topics such as automated text creation, the future of creativity, quality assurance in dynamic publishing, accelerating marketing and publishing processes, AI, cost savings in multichannel publishing and more. As a special advantage, participants at priint:day learned firsthand about the innovations of priint:suite 4.2 and our new product line, priint:cloud.

WERK II also presented the coveted priint Awards in four categories in 2021. The winners are:

  • Publishing Project of the Year 2021: Laudert with SSI Schäfer Shop
  • Digital Publishing Project of the Year 2021: kolb digital with Hansgrohe
  • Innovation of the Year: a&f systems with Porsche
  • Partner of the Year: Parsionate

We'd like to extend a special thank you to our sponsors of the 10th priint:day event: Celum, a&f systems, Contentserv, Laudert, parsionate, SDZeCOM, akeneo, CouplAR, forbeyond, Gaficon, hoerl, media office, myview, nexoma, Pimcore, Premedia, prodexa, and SQLI Digital Experience


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