We are a leading partner for scaling media production. We assist marketing teams to efficiently implement high volumes of marketing assets - allowing more time for strategic topics. To do this, we build a Marketing Asset Factory for our clients that reduces the time and cost of creating marketing content by up to 40%.

When implementing the Marketing Asset Factory, the core issues of industrial production are transferred to marketing operations:

a) Standardization - Standardize recurring operational marketing processes, map standards in marketing workflow tools and modularize content by using templates, for instance.

b) Automation - Use of AI such as Dall-E, Midjourney, ChatGPT etc., use of scripts and standard templates, use of workflow technologies for e.g. automatic notification of participants.

c) Smartshore - Graphic design, 3D visualization, motion graphics, post-production, artwork adaptations in Thailand, data maintenance and software development in Istanbul, POS production (e.g. window prints, stickers, customer stoppers) including picking and warehousing in Poland.

  • Consulting on marketing IT and transformation
  • Successful IT projects for retailers and brands
  • Creative services with Smartshore Center in Asia and Europe
  • IT solutions (DAM, PIM, Web2Print, Workflow)
  • POS services

With the introduction of the Marketing Asset Factory, operational marketing can achieve a high level of process stability. Standardized and automated processes provide all process participants with clear guidelines as well as a reduction of errors. Additionally, dashboards are available to all participants allowing for a high level of transparency as to which process phase individual assets are in. On this basis, marketing develops an efficient organization, optimized communication, enthusiastic customers and ultimately a significant contribution to sales success.

We have been working with WERK II for more than 10 years. We are experienced in connecting the WERK II priint:comet technology via web services and the automated integration of InDesign servers and networking with PIM and DAM systems.




Marketing Asset Factory


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