Printed, filmed or via app: the STAR MEDIA department tailors media products to the target group – across all channels. Our STARS plan, design, develop, produce, manage and deliver print and digital media for your company. We are here to guide you and equip you with the right communication and the best tools to excite your customers and smash your goals.

We transform your company and your communication into an unforgettable experience – across all relevant channels, tailored specifically to your target group. From strategic consultancy to event management, from video and film production to social media, print and online formats: you have a reliable, knowledgeable partner in us! We develop your design concepts and content for a wide range of channels. Our environment is creative, digital, networked.

This means PERFECT STAGING FOR YOUR PRODUCT: Reach your target group on all channels - with the right strategy, practical tools and content that inspires.

In times of global competition and increasing digitalization, it is our goal to help you stay competitive and meet today's challenges. We achieve this by automating your product communication within the field of database publishing.

Database publishing is the database-supported and extensively automated creation of media. This way, your media can be produced in a shorter time, with more consistent content, and it can be updated and internationalized quickly, easier and more cost-effectively.

On the way to automated media production, we accompany you from the selection of the right tool, through the creation of the product and page templates for your publications, the adaptation of the media for your markets, the final artwork and print data creation.

With our experience from projects for companies ranging from 100-man businesses to corporate groups, we adapt individually to your needs and demands.

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