nexoma GmbH is an IT specialist for software development and Consulting from the beautiful Sauerland. We love what we do! Thereby rotates our 18-strong team covers everything to do with product data. Our know-how, which has grown over the last 10 years, is composed of many different languages - for example, the dialects ETIM and eCl@ss from the language of classification models and BMEcat from the language of exchange formats. We are happy to apply this know-how along your Content Supply Chain (CSC).

CatalogExpress is the perfect tool for inter-company communication of product data (e.g. between manufacturer and dealer) along the content supply chain. It collects data from various source systems (such as PIM and ERP), checks it and then delivers product catalogs individually according to customer requirements and for each marketplace. It does not matter whether you have a print catalog or if you prefer to send an electronic catalog like BMEcat, ETIM, GS1/atrify, eCl@ss or FAB DIS. By integrating the priint:suite into CatalogExpress, our solution is perfectly suited to convert product data processes into print publications. The fast performance during catalog creation guarantees high data up-to dateness and thus ensures increased sales.

Supplier-Portal - our supplier portal takes over the automated requesting and checking of relevant data, thus ensuring uniform data quality and transparent product data management. Optimally adapted to the requirements of trade and industry, this solution guarantees you efficient, data-based supplier management. The supplier can manage his data in self-service in the Supplier Portal and deliver it in various formats such as Exel/xlsx, text files/txt, PDF, CSV, XML, BMEcat. Classifications and standards such as ETIM, eCl@ss, Datanorm, GS1, FAB DIS, etc. can also be taken into account. Supplier-Portal is flexibly configurable and you can start with the first suppliers after only 2 weeks.


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