Profile is an owner-managed agency group for omni-channel marketing. It supports brands in staging and raising awareness of their products and services along all contact points of the customer journey and strengthening customer loyalty in the long term. The service portfolio includes digital communications ( Communications), digital transformation in retail, POS marketing ( Channel Marketing), experiential marketing and retail staging ( Brandmates), technology development for web and app ( Technology Systems), and augmented and virtual reality solutions ( AR/VR Labs). For strong campaigns, combines cross-unit communication channels such as PR, social media and influencer marketing, e-commerce staging and experiential POS.


Print is not dead, it has evolved! With CouplAR,'s content enrichment solution, printed media can be enhanced with any type of digital content.

The time of cumbersome QR codes and expensive and outdated data carriers is over. With CouplAR, the content enrichment solution, your content is always up-to-date and available everywhere. With the help of CouplAR, your print media doesn't need to be changed because our image recognition recognizes your print media with one click. Whether you want to add audio files to your textbooks, enrich your product catalog with 3D models, or provide digital content to your magazine customers - any form of printed content can be linked to digital content. Share a web link, integrate audio or video files, or link to an email template for contact.

The whitelabel app CouplAR is published for Android and iOS devices, taking into account your corporate design and under your name.
You already have an app and don't want another one? No problem! By means of system developer kit (sdk) we integrate all CouplAR features into your existing app!

CouplAR combines these capabilities into your app, customizable to your needs and requirements - including a web editor that gives you complete control over your digital content.

Want to see what CouplAR looks like as a finished client app? Below is the CouplAR app video from our customer Ernst Klett Sprachen.

  • A digital extension of print media
  • Holistic rather than isolated strategies in print and digital
  • More than 10 years of omni-channel expertise


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