Increase the online effect of your Priint investment

Connecting Priint and iPaper enables you to easily create super-targeted digital PDF catalogs and leaflets for cost-efficient and climate-friendly online distribution.

Combining Priint with iPaper gives you a powerful digital marketing asset you can use across all your channels to increase product demand and sales, with limited work required from you.

iPaper automatically enriches your PDF catalog or leaflet with videos, images, shop icons, and links to your products, turning it into an engaging reading format that works across all devices.

It all works out of the box for Priint users with an iPaper subscription, making it as easy as clicking a button to create digital catalogs that engage your digital audience.

By transforming your printed catalogs, leaflets, or brochures into an engaging digital format you’ll get an efficient tool to increase traffic to your store, inspire customers with great stories, and improve cross-selling.

This could be by targetting your potential customers with your digital catalogs and leaflets across all your marketing channels - from Facebook campaigns to newsletters. This has a proven track record of attracting more people, having them spend more time looking at your products and increasing your online sales.

About iPaper

iPaper has more than 14 years of experience delivering digital solutions to increase product demand and is trusted by more than 1200+ brands all over the world.

We are leading experts in automatically transforming PDF catalogs and leaflets into engaging online formats.

We use our decade’s worth of experience advising businesses to get the maximum effect of their print investment to make sure you get immediate and long-term value from using iPaper.

We ensure our software seamlessly works with your existing software stack, and we take great pride in delivering a second-to-none user experience when engaging with our product and customer care team.

  • SAAS Company - founded in Denmark in 2006.
  • Known for Excellent Customer Support (NPS +75)
  • Core focus on automation & conversion.
  • Experts in our fields


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