censhare’s Universal Content Management platform is an automated, centralized solution to manage all kinds of digital content. Fully integrated, it removes the need to work with multiple systems with different user interfaces, freeing teams to create innovative and powerful customer experiences. With censhare, content is no longer splintered across a variety of servers, workstations and cloud services. All data is held centrally and interlinked by relationships that can be searched quickly. The result is easier collaboration and rapid insight into any aspect of the content and how it is used.

The flexibility of the platform allows you to rapidly create, edit, transform and tailor digital assets and distribute them to all channels. All content is managed and processed by the platform’s core components: Digital Asset Management (DAM), Product Information Management (PIM) and Content Management. The platform uses a process oriented approach with flexible collaboration features and can be mostly automated, including creation, translation, enrichment and transformation of assets and information.

Optional modules can be added to the main platform, allowing you to unlock specific use cases, for example to manage printed material, keep track of variations, manage localization and translations for different markets, or produce websites of any size and complexity.

  • Using a single platform, teams collaborate easily, boosting creativity and productivity
  • Create content just once, then automatically transform it for any channel
  • Avoid costly errors by ensuring teams are always using accurate, up to date content
  • Use streamlined processes and automation to let teams focus on the customer experience
  • Spot and resolve costly problems before it’s too late with clear project tracking
  • Ensure a brand experience that’s consistent, high quality, personalized, and convincing


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