Canter enables product experiences that matter with Adeona PIM product information management software.

Canter is an agile and suitably sized company made of a bunch of PIM and publishing automation experts. They can be recognized by their hard work, uncompromising attitude and creativity. Canter thrives to be the best possible PIM partner for their customers.

Canter is a Finnish software company that develops Adeona PIM product information management. In addition, they offer their customers twenty years of experience in product information management and publishing automation. Canter has been in a partnership with Werk II since 2012.

Adeona PIM is delivered as a cloud service and is based on modern technologies. With the Adeona PIM solutions combined with the priint solutions, Canter’s customers increase the value of their product information assets, streamline their operations and succeed in multi-channel trading.

Canter’s customers are small and large, but significant industrial and commercial companies. In addition to Canter’s know-how and attitude, their customers value long-term partnerships and open and honest Finnish attitude in their operations.


Adeona PIM

To stay in the game of tomorrow’s commerce all the players need to embrace data and agility. Adeona PIM helps you to stay relevant and connected in your pursuit for great customer experience. With Adeona PIM you create impressive product experiences and ensure brand consistency in all touchpoints.

Adeona PIM is the product content platform for digital sales transformation champions. With Adeona PIM your team can easily connect and distribute content that makes your customers happy and your products stand out. While Adeona PIM brings automation and speed to your product process it also helps you to overcome the blight of poor data quality. To drive continuous commerce performance.


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