In brand and product communication, the most important thing is to provide customers, dealers, suppliers, agencies and partners as well as internal stakeholders such as procurement or sales with up-to-date and consistent information.

Bertsch Innovation makes this possible. For over 20 years. With currently around 120 employees in 4 locations. Our PIM and DAM solution as well as specific software products support you in providing text, documents, images, videos and other digital assets where they are really needed.

  • From a central data source
  • With seamless workflows
  • In all online and offline channels
  • Across departments and locations
  • For all internal & external target audiences

Every solution is different. As individual as necessary. As standardized as possible. And always within the framework of an integrated data strategy that offers you maximum flexibility and future security as well as the highest level of investment protection.

Making digital change more successful.

This in-depth solution expertise in product data and media management literally pays off. For medium-sized and large B2B and B2C companies in a wide range of industries. From automotive to the electrical industry and wholesale.

  • Consistent brand and product communication
  • Personalized target group approach
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Optimized customer experience
  • Higher recognition
  • Stronger brand loyalty
  • More reach at reduced costs
  • Minimized risk of error

In summary: With PIM and DAM solutions from Bertsch Innovation, you increase your efficiency in your core business and the productivity of your employees. You gain noticeable competitive advantages and are always one step ahead of the competition. And you create a valuable building block for successful digital transformation.

  • PIM & DAM intelligently combined
  • Product Experience Management
  • Brand Asset Management
  • Automated publications
  • Data Governance & Data Quality Assurance
  • Machine Learning Integration
  • Web & Cloud Service Integration
  • Managed Solution
  • Browserbased
  • Automated media conversion & derivative extraction: image, video, office documents


mediacockpit 10

Use product & media data effectively in all channels: Online - Mobile - Print

The key to successful product data & media management is an open, scalable system that provides the necessary interfaces for connecting to e-commerce, content management and ERP systems, for print workflows as well as for online & offline distribution.

mediapim is the central hub for your product data. mediapim enables you to intuitively integrate, create, edit and search your product information.

mediasuite is the central hub for your media. mediasuite offers you consistent and structured media management so that you can use, bundle, channel and visualize your media efficiently.

mediapublisher takes over the publication of your media and content and also includes the necessary interfaces such as the priint:comet InDesign plugin and many more.

Thus mediacockpit supports you in the daily handling of your media and product data as well as the external and internal communication. A uniform, intuitive web interface ensures your maximum productivity.


e-proCAT is your trusted software solution for all processes related to your electronic catalogs and product data classification:

  • Create: Fast and automated generation of catalogs
  • Create sub-catalogs or mix different catalogs
  • Read electronic catalogs in and out, for example for digital marketplaces
  • Conveniently maintain fields and characteristics and use the simple mass processing of product data in electronic catalogs
  • Editing: Customer-specific adjustments (prices, delivery times, etc.)
  • Check & validate electronic catalogs for errors and correct them reliably
  • Use MIME Management to verify that each item is associated with the correct product image
  • Use flexible import/export formats for input/output (CSV, Excel, txt, dat, BMEcat etc.)
  • Classify: Search and find classes
  • Reclassify: Between standard releases or from e.g. eCl@ss to UNSPSC
  • Capture characteristics
  • Check: Verify for correct classifications
  • Electronic catalog integration: integrate eCl@ss e.g. in BMEcat
  • Editing: Adjust classifications and product groups
  • Recoding: Classify entire product groups according to the desired standard

How you benefit from e-proCAT:

  • Checking and processing millions of product data in a few minutes
  • Improved findability of your products through error-free electronic catalogs that comply with the target system
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency in e-business through automated processes
  • Significantly reduce costs for product data and catalog management.
  • More security through consistent product data through detailed error analysis.
  • Opens new sales channels for your e-business activities and increases your sales opportunities.



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