a&f systems has a broad hardware and software portfolio, as well as 35 years of experience as a systems integrator. We have integrated hundreds of installations for editorial- and publishing solutions in Switzerland and throughout 15 countries in Europe. The combination of expertise and experience, enables us to offer you the best service before, during and after a project. This includes product consultations, as well as system analyses or IT concepts. We have everything under one roof: Consulting, sales, installation, training and support as well as a 7x24x365 emergency hotline. In 2013, a&f systems acquired a majority stake in CORE-LAB GmbH, now a&f systems gmbh. As an a&f systems company, it maintains locations in Hamburg, Hanover and Munich.

Your systems integrator for innovative publishing solutions

We bring the most innovative technologies to our customers in any sector. We held companies to meet complex, digital content demands. Our clients can focus on the quality of their content while we deliver customer-oriented, scalable solutions. Moreover, we always ensure that the tools and know-how required for the content challenges of today and the future are available.
As an established and renowned Swiss systems integrator, a&f has direct access to your customers. A broad partner network, extensive knowledge in the field of system-based publication and hundreds of reference installations add the finishing touch.

Enterprise Marketing Management System (EMMS) from Contentserv enables

  • efficient and transparent handling of marketing
  • information processes
  • the assurance of high quality through professional, web-based software solutions



  • provides you with company-wide access to all product information – all within one central integration platform
  • Sales, marketing, support, web shops and external partner companies can also access the same up-to-date product data no matter their location
  • Just the way product communication should be.


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