Welcome to the PX Revolution

Now also in Germany!

What began in Boston with the PX revolution has continued on to Europe. We enjoyed a day full of insights, exciting conversations and a great evening of networking at Osman 30 above the rooftops of Cologne.

We encourage you to read our colleague's blog post (link below). After our colleague was thrilled by Kristin Naragon's keynote, the next member of the team was able to be convinced by the next revolution in the field of product experience. New regulations, the desire for more information and the increased time consumers spend researching products are forcing companies to look at their data and create a seamless product experience. However, the work behind this is extremely worthwhile: once the data has been maintained and the various processes are seamlessly integrated, this can be a true competitive advantage.

You can read more about this in our colleague's blog post.

AI was also a significant topic on stage

Akeneo has introduced several new features that, for example, simplify data mapping with the help of AI, make translation workflows more efficient and where AI can also continue to learn or write entire product texts. Additionally, there is also the support of AI in the display of data, such as the simple display of product data on new marketplaces and platforms.

The outlook for the future also shows that Akeneo still has plans for AI to support its customers with time-to-market, increased efficiency and data optimization.

The event was a wonderful meeting place for data managers, marketers and innovation drivers. There was ample time to chat during the breaks and we were able to welcome many familiar faces as well as some new ones to our booth. Most notably, we went to dinner on the 30th floor of the skyscraper in the evening of the event. We were not only able to enjoy the view over the rooftops of Cologne, but also get to connect with many new people in a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. We are looking forward to the next stops in London and Paris in coming weeks!

Akeneo Unlock in London!

Akeneo Unlock in Paris!