The World of Personlized Print

PIMfluencer:Worldwide Podcast with Jonathan Dropiewski

Recently we were asked by our partner Contentserv to join the PIMfluencer worldwide podcast and discuss our perspective on the world of Personalized Print. Managing Director US at Contentserv and host of the worldwide PIMfluencer Podcast, Alexander Tiberius Semrl, invited our CEO of Priint Americas, Jonathan Dropiewski, to join him on-air to candidly talk about the world of Personalized Print.

Throughout the podcast episode, they discussed the specifics of personalized print and the important role it plays throughout ecommerce and digital marketing. Print is no longer the old school, standard printed catalog. Today, brands and companies have the opportunity to strategically grow their businesses with highly automated processes and targeted print publications.

What’s the key to success? We must pay attention to the data: the marketing data, product data, customer data and the management of all this useful data in a proper PIM/PXM system.

Additionally, Alexander and Jonathan talked about modern digital marketing departments and looking for the right strategy and channel to grow their ecommerce sales, engage with their target groups and find the most effective channel to grow buyers. Jonathan provided personal insights about his experience and daily business, including why modern marketing departments need print as an important part of their omnichannel experience.