Release Priint:publishing server 4.1.0

Werk II is pleased to announce the publishing:server 4.1.0 release

The new release of the priint:publishing server 4.1.0. is available. It comes along with a lot of new and innovative features:

With the new planner REST API retrieve the planner data. You are able to change and manipulate the data such as publications, documents and more.

Detailed planning was never so easy: The new planning feature enables you to decide which sub-elements of the product you want to publish. The new content window in the planner can be used to create enhanced data, especially for the print channel.

We also worked on our user interface and created a whole new look to make your work easier.

In ISON there are many new features, for example, a specialized cscript editor checks your cscript while editing.

Placeholders can be generic now using function variables, so you need fewer of them in your project.

The area build/multi-element placeholders are an upgraded version of the comet 3 multi-element placeholders with easier, yet more flexible control mechanism.

Creating good cscripts is easier: using the dynamically growing class String instead of fixed size char arrays, this functionality is possible almost everywhere.

The first publicly available version of publishing:server 4.1.0 is All partners that have access to priint:suite 4.0.5 now have access to priint:suite 4.1.0.