Pimcore Inspire 2024

Off we went into the mountains - and not just metaphorically.

Last week, Horst Huber and I traveled to the beautiful city of Zell am See, Austria. The mountain backdrop promised that it would be a great experience, and the event put on by the Pimcore team was an exceptional two days.

Beginning with the "Alpine Expedition" keynote, some innovations were presented, and attendees got a great overview of the next steps of Pimcore. The unique humor and the relaxed attitude of the #Pimconauts came into play. With several insightful dev insights / hands-on sessions, particularly in the Pimcore Studio, PaaS and Copilot, all software enthusiasts were delighted. Others in attendance were also able to pick up relevant information from the parallel business and marketing keynotes.

For us as a sponsor, the program was also very enjoyable occassion with presentations and networking breaks. We had a wonderful time listening to the fantastic presentations, while also having very informative discussions at our booth throughout the event.

The motto of the keynote was then played out in the afternoon: Buses and a gondola ride took us high up into the ski area to the lodge. Networking over delicious drinks and food took top priority here. With a great view, beautiful snowfall and enough space for over 300 people, the evening was exceptional.

On day two, we were able to start directly with the marketing keynote, which focused entirely on how we can work successfully together as partners. "Pimcore in the Age of Efficiency" was the secret to also focusing on topics and driving a clear line of communication for the future.

While more dev tracks were running, we were also able to listen to the keynotes of the other sponsors. We were then able to conclude the day ourselves with "Don't be a goldfish - Go beyond digital". Anyone who was there now understands what a goldfish has to do with marketing, and how what may still be missing in their company's marketing mix and can be made more efficient with priint Group!

Our priint team had a fantastic time Pimcore Inspire. Many thanks to the Pimcore team for organizing a tremendous event. We know how much work, time and stress goes into executing an event like this. We are absolutely delighted to have Pimcore as a sponsor at the upcoming #priintday in September.

Article by Nina Wagemeyer