OMR Reviews - priint:suite is on board!

Who could evaluate the priint:suite better than our partners and customers?

OMR Reviews is establishing itself in the DACH market as one of the most successful review platforms for software. Prior to the OMR Festival 2022, we decided to release the priint:suite for review on the OMR Reviews page. You also may have noticed us on the OMR podcast, as we were featured there as well. Our team has been consistently working with the OMR Reviews team on our listing, and we would be most appreciative if you would assist us with just a few simple clicks!

Who better to evaluate us than our partners and customers who work with priint products every day, to help us gain experience and provide honest feedback?  

Here's how you can help us:

  1. Simply click on the link below.
  2. On the OMR Reviews page, you will find "Write a Review" located at the top.
  3. From there, you will be guided through the review process and can give an honest assessment of our product.


"I would, but I'm not allowed to do that from a corporate perspective“

No problem at all! OMR Reviews does need to collect the data once in the background to verify the rating, but you can indicate in the rating process that your company should not be published. Therefore, readers can only see the first name and their job title.

"How does that help you?“

We are not given the data about who gave the rating, so you can be very honest and provide whatever feedback you like that will ultimately help us to constantly improve. Only with ratings from our users we can continue to work on the quality of the priint:suite and be prepared for the constantly growing challenges in (database) publishing. In addition, you help other interested parties with your evaluation to make the decision easier in the selection process of a suitable publishing system. Who would not like to read from other users how the software really performs in use?


The website of OMR Reviews is currently only available in German, but they provided a pdf sheet to also give feedback in English. It is available to download below.

To our customers and partners - thank you for your continued support and helping us in this endeavor with OMR Reviews!