Innovator of the year 2017

priint Group / WERK II is one of Germany's most innovative companies

26th May 2017 - The priint Group / WERK II GmbH has made the leap to the top into the 424 most innovative companies in 20 industries in Germany and has been awarded the "Innovator of the Year 2017".

Within the framework of a three-stage procedure, a jury examined the company.

In the Innovation Area Products & Services, the judges appreciated the priint:suite product and the priint Group / WERK II services as particularly innovative. The market leader for multichannel publishing solutions was also nominated as one of the best in the industry category "Internet, Media and Communication", where among others eBay, Facebook or Google Germany are listed.

For the current ranking, around 2,000 representatives of innovation-winning companies, 250 experts from the Berlin Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) as well as some 20,000 executives and employees of the expert panel were invited to the survey. Subsequently, the jury selected the evaluations of all three groups and identified the most notable companies in the three areas of innovation for 20 sectors. priint Group / WERK II, together with 424 from a total of more than 2,000 innovative companies in Germany, made the leap into this top list.