Guest article in the Drupa Blog

The Missing Link in Print & Packaging

The utilization of print has historically been a successful means of marketing- and has also had its share of new challenges presented by our ever-changing world and technological advancements. The most recent challenge to date is the implementation of digitalization and the fast paced-changes and requirements that accompany it. However, there is certainly a way that printed collateral can continue to not only function as a marketing tool, but also continuously improve and help businesses thrive- all but eliminating the question of if print has a place in the future of tomorrow.

In our recent guest post on the Drupa Blog, we take a closer look at the missing link that exists between the digital and the print processes. What are the new and necessary requirements for print in today's world and how do we master them?

We go into detail, step-by-step, regarding the three golden rules of digital communication and provide an outlook on how print, as well as the field of packaging, will need to look in the future.