Overview about all news around priint

Seamless integration between priint and Cumulus

Unique integration between Database Publishing & DAM

Integration between two high-performance technologies: priint introduces the new connector for …...


Red Sofa interview at Drupa 2016

Horst Huber in the dip! energy lounge

Together with Knud Wassermann, Chief Editor of Graphische Revue, Horst Huber talked about the trends …...


Descours & Cabaud

Catalog production with priint:suite

Descours & Cabaud improves their publishing processes and production of catalogs with …...


priint France started successfully

WERK II, announced the opening of its Paris, France office

After only 3 months of operation, priint:france already won 3 new customers....


Hansgrohe expands to print:suite 4

The global Publishing Plattform

Hansgrohe establishes a global publishing platform. The longterm customer of the priint:comet …...