Puzzling for publishers

Puzzling for publishers

A look at Schäfer Shop's catalog construction kit.

Short info:

Under the term "jigsaw puzzle" you can find at Wikipedia:

[ˈpasl, ˈpʊsl] (English [ˈpʌzl] puzzle, confusion) is a mechanical game of patience, or more precisely, a laying game, in which attempts are made to reassemble individual puzzle pieces into a whole.

Kind of reminds you of a catalog production - doesn't it?

In this presentation, Ulrich Gursky, head of Marketing Communication at SSI Schäfer Shop, introduces the development from the former Bigbook to individual target group catalogs and provides insights into programmatic approaches, experiences with the individualization of print advertising media and surprising findings.

Speaker info:

Ulrich Gursky has worked in communications at BtoB mail order company SSI Schäfer Shop GmbH for almost 10 years.

In the position of Head of Marketing Communication, he is responsible for the design and production of corporate communications. Previously, the qualified designer and marketing communications specialist held leading positions in the field of dialog marketing at agencies and for clients.

He uses his many years of experience in the mail order business for the future-oriented development and optimization of print measures. Digitization, individualization and customer-relevant communication are the drivers for constant progress.

Ulrich Gursky